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Permanent Dominion Energy employees assigned to either OJRP or 8th & Main as a primary work location are eligible for a parking assignment within the Dominion Energy Parking Program. All new parkers to the Dominion Energy Parking Program are assigned to a “feeder” lot which is typically within 3-4 blocks of the OJRP and 8th & Main office buildings. Once a permanent employee has started work at OJRP or 8th & Main, the employee is eligible to request a different parking assignment via the wait list.

Employees must complete the wait list form to be added to the parking wait lists. To request an initial parking assignment, please use the “Submit a Parking Request” form. Our staff will follow up with you to complete the setup of your parking.

All parkers will be provided with a permit to display on their vehicle and/or gate access device for their assigned parking location. Permits must be displayed on vehicles at all times while using the lot. Please contact our office at 344-3353 if you need a replacement permit or access device. We issue the first permit or access device at no cost. There may be a replacement fee for lost permits or access devices.