I need to request a parking assignment
I have questions about my parking location
I have questions about 600 Canal parking
I have questions about visiting 600 Canal or 8th & Main
I need to request medical necessity parking
I have questions about the parking wait lists
I would like to register my motorcycle
I have an electric vehicle (EV)
I no longer need my parking assignment
I received a parking violation

I Need to Request a Parking Assignment

I am moving to Dominion’s 600 Canal or 8th & Main Building. How do I get a parking assignment? Do I need some kind of permit?

All permanent employees are eligible for parking associated with their assigned downtown office building. Please complete this form to request your parking assignment or contact our office at 344-3353. Employees assigned to 600 Canal will receive a hangtag permit which should be displayed on their vehicle while parking in either the 600 Canal parking deck or Overflow Lot (O Lot). 8th & Main employees will receive a parking permit associated with their assigned parking facility (hangtag or access card).


I am a Dominion Energy contractor. How do I obtain parking downtown?

Contractors are individually responsible for obtaining and paying for parking. Please visit www.cityparkingonline.com or call 804-344-3353 for current parking availability and pricing.

I have Questions About My Parking Location

There is a problem and I cannot park in my assigned lot. What do I do?

Please contact our office at 804-344-3353 for further instructions. Downtown is a dynamic environment and sometimes external circumstances impact the availability of a parking lot (e.g. road work). We will work with you so you can proceed with your day.


May I use my parking space on evenings and weekends?

You may use your assigned parking lot on evenings or weekends. Occasionally a parking lot will be unavailable for an evening or weekend due to a special event (e.g. Richmond Folk Festival). If the lot is staffed for an event, you may be asked to pay the special event fee to use the lot and/or space may not be available. Please remember to display your permit at all times while parking on your assigned lot.


I drive more than one vehicle. Can I have more than permit so I have a permit for each car?

We only issue one permit per parking space. Please move your permit to the vehicle you are
parking on the lot so we know you are authorized to be on the lot. If you forget to move your
hangtag permit to your vehicle, please contact us or call our office at 804-344-3353 for further instructions.


Can my co-worker use my parking space when I am not using it?

Your parking assignment is non-transferable and can only be used by the employee assigned to the space.

I Have Questions About 600 Canal Parking

What do the lights above the parking spaces mean at the 600 Canal parking deck?

Parkers may park in any space with a GREEN sensor — which is most of the parking deck. The sensor will change to RED to indicate a vehicle is parked in the space. Spaces with AMBER or BLUE sensors are reserved for specific users and should not be parked in at any time, unless you have received specific instructions.


I am arriving at 600 Canal after the morning rush hour. Will I be able to park in the 600 Canal parking deck?

Both the 6th Street and 7th Street deck entrances have counter signs that tell parkers how many GREEN spaces are remaining on each side of the 600 Canal parking deck. If space is not available at the 600 Canal parking deck, please park at the Overflow Lot (O Lot), located off Canal Street between 4th & 5th Streets.

I Received a Parking Violation

I received a parking citation and I don’t understand why. What do I do?

Please contact us and include the violation number or your vehicle license plate number. We will review the violation, provide information on why the violation was issued and make adjustments as appropriate. Violations and warnings are issued to ensure everyone follows the rules of the parking facilities. Your prompt follow up regarding questions about issued violations is appreciated.

I Have Questions About the Parking Wait Lists

I work at 8th & Main and would like to park under the building. How does that work?

A parking wait list is maintained for the 8th & Main Building garage and 7th & Cary parking deck. Wait list rankings are based on order received (sign up date and time). Available spaces at the 8th & Main Garage and 7th & Cary Deck are assigned to the wait list on a rolling basis. Employees new to the 8th & Main Building are automatically added to the 8th & Main and 7th & Cary parking wait lists when the initial parking assignment is set up. Please contact us if you have parking wait list questions or to request your rankings.

I Have an Electric Vehicle (EV)

I have an electric vehicle and would like to use the EV charging stations at 600 Canal. How does that work?

Dominion employees must register with Dominion’s EV program prior to using the 600 Canal charging stations. 8th & Main employees with EV’s are also eligible to participate. Please contact us for additional information.

I Need to Request Medical Necessity Parking

Can you make special parking accommodations for employees who require close proximity to their office due to a medical condition?

Dominion Energy has a medical necessity process for reviewing requests for medical necessity parking. The Dominion Energy intranet has information on the medical necessity parking policy and request process. Please contact us if you need to be directed to the appropriate contact. Once your medical necessity request has been approved by Dominion Energy, we will provide you with details about your medical necessity parking assignment. 600 Canal employees requiring medical necessity parking should also complete the medical necessity process prior to using the marked ADA spaces (BLUE sensor) in the 600 Canal parking deck.

I No Longer Need My Parking Assignment

I no longer work at 600 Canal or 8th & Main. How do I cancel my parking?

Please contact us with your name, end date and contact information. Someone in our office will contact you to verify your cancellation. All permits (hangtags or access devices) should be returned to us and can be dropped off at either the 600 Canal or 8th & Main security desk, or delivered to our downtown office located at 801 East Main Street, 10th floor.

I Would Like to Register My Motorcycle

Sometimes I drive a motorcycle or a scooter to work. Can I park in my assigned parking location?

Please register your motorcycle or scooter with us by completing the form below. We will then provide you with motorcycle parking information for your assigned parking location, since every parking deck or garage has different rules for motorcycle parking.


Submit one form per motorcycle. All fields are required