I am moving to OJRP or 8th & Main. How do I get a parking assignment?

To request an initial parking assignment, please use the form on this page. Our staff will follow up with you to complete the set up of your parking. All new parkers to the Employee Parking Program are assigned to a “feeder” lot which is typically within 3-4 blocks of the OJRP and 8th & Main office buildings. The current “feeder” lot is Lot 103.


I am a Dominion Energy contractor. How do I get a parking assignment?

Dominion Energy contractors are not eligible for parking in the Employee Parking Program. Contractors can visit www.cityparkingonline.com or call 804-344-3353 for information about available parking options.


I just completed my wait list form. How do I find out my ranking?

Wait list offers are made on a rolling, space-available basis. Rankings are based on order received (sign up date and time). Please go to the Wait List page for additional information about signing up or checking your rankings.


I am no longer assigned to 8th & Main or OJRP. How do I cancel my parking?

Please email us with your name, end date and contact information. Someone in our office will contact you to verify your cancellation. All permits or access devices issued to you should be returned to our office (801 East Main Street, 10th floor) or the drop box at the OJRP security desk.


Can my co-worker use my parking space when I am not using it?

Your parking assignment is non-transferable and can only be used by the employee assigned to the space.


Do you make special parking accommodations for employees who require close proximity to their office due to a medical condition?

Dominion Energy has a medical necessity process for reviewing requests for medical necessity parking. The Dominion Energy intranet has information on the medical necessity parking policy and request process. Our office does not assign medical necessity parking. We can direct you to the appropriate contact if you need further assistance.


I have a motorcycle / scooter. Are they allowed at my assigned parking location?

For surface lots, motorcycles and scooters can occupy regular parking spaces. However, since there is no place to display a permit, we ask that drivers contact us and provide a description and license plate. Every parking deck or garage have different rules for motorcycle parking. Please check with us to determine eligibility.


Does the 8th & Main Building have visitor parking?

The 8th & Main Building has a small unattended visitor parking lot located at the corner of 8th & Cary Streets. Space is available on a first come, first serve basis. Visitors may pay for their parking at the freestanding pay station or via pay-by-phone. If you have a special request, please contact us via email at least 72 hours prior. Please note that no visitor parking is available in the 8th & Main Garage.


May I use my parking space on evenings and weekends?

You may use your assigned parking lot on evenings or weekends. Occasionally a parking lot will be unavailable for an evening or weekend due to a special event (e.g. Richmond Folk Festival). If the lot is staffed for an event, you may be asked to pay the special event fee to use the lot and/or space may not be available. Please remember to display your permit at all times while parking on your assigned lot.


I drive more than one vehicle. Can I have more than permit so I have a permit for each car?

We only issue one permit per parking space. Please move your permit to the vehicle you are parking on the lot so we know you are authorized to be on the lot. If you forget to move your vehicle, please call our office at (804)344-3353 for further instructions.


There’s a problem and I cannot park in my assigned lot. What do I do?

Please contact our office at 344-3353 for further instructions. Downtown is a dynamic environment and sometimes external circumstances impact the availability of a parking lot (e.g. road work). We will work with you so you can proceed with your day.